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About Covenate Witness

In the business of attesting documents, Covenate believes e-signature should be as authentic as a paper signature, so we’ve created a platform that allows you to skip the hassle of inconvenient onsite witness services. We give you an easier way to attest your documents, and it’s just as official as a lawyer-notarized paper document.

The difference? It’s online, so you can attest your documents from the comfort of your home, in a fraction of the time.

How do we do it? Blockchain technology. As technology evolves, so do we. We give you the opportunity to sign serious documents remotely through the secure and transparent blockchain system, a process that shortcuts all the hassle whilst still producing an authenticated document that is court-ready and ready to serve as official evidence.

How To Get Started


Sign up for Covenate

Create an account. If you have one, please log in.


Upload Documents

Upload the document to be attested.


Verify your identity

Simply upload your government issued photo ID and record a short video. We will automatically verify your uploaded documents.


Review and Pay

Review all the documents and verification information. Check out conveniently and securely.

Why Use Covenate?

Enhanced Seriousness and Authenticity

Thanks to blockchain document, now we can create unique digital files just like signed paper documents, yet with superior security.

Extremely Low Cost

You simply wont believe how cheap is our price, each case will only cost you 1 U.S dollar. It is approximately free compare to any existing witness or notary service.

Prevention of E-sign Fraud

Covenate has patented technology to prevent the signer denying their intention of signing the document or the excuse of signing the wrong document.

Official Remote Contracts

With Covenate you can sign serious contracts over distances, regardless anywhere on the planet. All signed document can receive equal or better legal supports of paper documents.


Covenate does not practice or participate in any user data gathering program, we do not use any user data for research or commercial purpose. None of your document content will not appear on the blockchain network.

Unbreachable Evidence

Covenated evidence are extremely strong, it can be completely detached from and been stored in your device, yet it can still serve as evidence without any dependence of


  • Q1 2018

    Project start-up. Product conception. System development.

  • Q2 2018

    Prototype Test

  • Q3 2018

    Seeding Stage

  • Q4 2018

    Beta Launching

24.7 online service
49 states served
0.99 affordable witness


A: Covenate is a new platform that is able to give digital documents the equivalent authenticity and reliability of witnessed paper documents. We use Blockchain technology to verify and keep a record of witnessing your signature online. And because of this, the documents we attest will likely even be able to hold up in a court of law if necessary (see below for more law-specific information).

A: Covenate provides a platform that allows you to record a digital signature within Blockchain technology. The Blockchain will record your signature in what is called a “distributed ledger”. This gives you the very same authenticity of a paper document which has been notarized.

Furthermore, every individual in the blockchain network serves as “witnesses” who have an encrypted, unreadable version of your files in their portion of this blockchain network and will be able to attest to the authenticity of the Blockchain ledger.

Despite this, no one in that network is able to change the signed documents. That is impossible, even if the server is hacked. Not even our company can change your “Covenated” files. Therefore, we provide the most powerful witness evidence.

A: We serve a similar purpose to a notary, by helping people have an attesting witness for the signing of important documents. However we save you the cost and time of mailing and signing documents, because with Covenate you can sign important documents remotely.

Covenate is for those who need witness notary service (without the seal) 24/7, from the comfort of their homes, and at a very cheap price.

A: Covenate is not an authorized notary service due to government licensing and the lack of an official notary seal. However, we do serve a very similar purpose to a standard notary and our validation will likely hold up in court (see below). In some ways, it is even more secure than a standard notary and that greater security can even be purchased at a lower cost.

A: We are making progress towards formal laws being passed. We have received a huge amount of support from numerous lawyers, who have advised us that this technology should indeed hold up in a court of law.

Many of these lawyers are willing to use our files and documents in the legal field, and our subsite Covenate Law is a platform where lawyers do exactly that. They support the use of our form of evidence in the legal field and they practice using covenated files as evidence for cases. So this is very real.

We have strong beliefs around our users’ privacy, especially the kind of highly sensitive content that requires witness. Therefore does not use any user`s data for research or commercial uses. We also operate by principles to keep your data safe. For instance, your order will be given its own unique “token”, and only your unique token which no one else has access to will open up the encrypted file containing the data of your secure signature.

And as for the security of the blockchain itself, it may be helpful to understand a little about how it works. There is an encrypted copy of the distributed ledger on each computer in the network, to protect the file…. However, it is impossible for them to crack the encryption and gain access to your file, because:

  1. We do not store your entire document onto the blockchain, so there is no way that that they can access the document.
  2. The way we encrypted our file involves 2^6144 different combinations, Which is more than the number of atoms in the entire universe.
  3. The method we use to encrypt the file is a one-way encryption technique, which is impossible to reverse.

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